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      Professional Roofing Services





      Professional Roofing Services


      Do Certain Types of Roofing Materials Attract Pests?

      Some roofing materials, such as clay and metal, are impervious to pests – the hard materials cannot be chewed and their surface is slippery, which makes them unsuitable for laying nests –, while other roof types are attractive for rodents, birds and other pests as the...

      The Average Costs of Roof Repairs

      The average cost of roof repair is in the $300- $1,100 range, though minor repairs can cost as little as $100 and the costs of complex repairs can reach $3,000. Here are the factors that will influence the final amount to be paid: The roofing material – metal and...

      How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Roof Repairs?

      Roof repairs are essential for maintaining the health and the strength of the roof and they might cost anything between $100 to several thousand bucks – here are the factors that determine the costs: The complexity of the repair work – if the repair involves more than...

      Are All Roof Repairs Covered by Home Insurance?

      Typically, home insurance policies cover for roof damage caused by some sort of act of nature, such as a heavy storm, wind, hail or snow, regardless of the age of the roof, but the policies for homes in geographic areas with an especially high likelihood of specific...

      Common Mistakes Made During DIY Home Improvement Projects

      DIY home improvement is a great way to upgrade your home and to reduce the related costs. However, DIY projects can also turn into costly disasters if they are not done right – here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid: Rushing the project – home...

      Energy-Efficient Roof Trends

        Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors considered by builders and building owners when they choose the material and the design of the roof on their building, a feature that will determine upfront material and installation costs as well as...